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Digital Radio has finally launched in Australia’s major Capital Cities.  After many years of planning and technical trials, the dabplus or DAB+ system was chosen for it’s ability to jam a whole lot more stations into the infrastructure available – albeit at a reduced audio quality.  Hopefully you won’t be able to notice this audio degradation however, and the federal government may prove a savior for the service in a few years when more RF spectrum is freed up (by the analogue TV switchoff which will free up the TV channels for Digital Radio and Mobile Broadband use), which will allow for the audio quality to be improved.  In the meantime – enjoy the site and our many news articles and related video’s we have collected about Digital Radio in Australia.

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  • Evan says:

    DAB+ is totally useless and the stream quality is the worst out of 17 other countries who have digital radio, the best in Australia has a stream of 80kbps, the rest of the world is at a minimum of 120kbps, as far as reception goes, this is poor at best, living just 20km from the cbd in Melbourne, the unreliable stream is poor quality even when devices manage to connect. Very disappointed and intend to investigate who is responsible for such a taxpayer rip off. An utter disgrace is what this service is. Get off your tax payer fattened bums and correct this good technology been done badly rubbish!

  • sam says:

    When does 93.90 bayfm go digitaland alll Geelong radio stations

  • Mike goldman says:

    Where’s the support? None of these questions are answered. Where did the millions. Of dollars for licences go?

  • Mary micallef says:

    I have bought the shintaro digital radio and I can not get it to scan the lights come up but nothing happened.can you help me.mary

  • Peter Murrihy says:

    Moving from Fitzroy St St Kilda 2 and a half years ago my digital radio which worked well there will not recieve a signal at my home near corner Chapel St & Inkerman St St Kilda. WHICH GOVOURNING BODY CAN I TELEPHONE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO PICK UP A SIGNAL ?

  • Ken Goyne says:

    Have been traveling overseas where all hotels had free wi fi so listened to ABC digital and realised that radio national 936 Hobart and even News radio was broadcast in glorious stereo HI Fi. I live in a Capital city HOBART and have been waiting patiently for DAB. It seems our representatives in Canberra are not working. Please can we have DAB in Hobart? Is anybody interested in helping me to lobby for this? Even Launceston have the ABC in stereo FM

  • Tony Naidoo says:

    DAB does not work in Templestowe. I want a refund

  • John Green says:

    Why isn’t there any Blues music available in S.A? We have just about everthing else!

  • Sean says:

    Rural areas should use VHF band 3 for digital radio witch would make more sense. Brisbane should have UHF for digital tv and it has proven that UHF works very well in major cities around Australia since the middle 80′s with SBS and here on the Gold Coast we have had UHF tv got switched on all networks when SBS first went on air in the middle 80′s. Before then we had huge deep fringe VHF antennas up to a few metres above the roof of a house some had them around 10 metres above the roof and the reception was still snowy being about 70 km from Brisbane transmitters. I can get SBS from the Brisbane UHF transmitter.

  • Sean says:

    When will the Gold Coast get its own digital radio transmitters for local and Brisbane stations. I can get the signal on my digital radio from Mount Cootha transmitters at Runaway Bay a northern Gold Coast suburb without a rooftop just by using a rod antenna on the radio. I do think it’s about time the Gold Coast should get a few transmitters this year since analog tv has been switched off already. or put a transmitter on the top of Q1.

  • David Needham says:

    well we have digital TV and thats crap it drops in and out , so if digital radio is only half as bad when we get fire warnings we will fry for sure , CFA has trialed digital and found it wanting at least in rural aera’s , so the only reason I can see for change is some one to make money and thats the bottom line.

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