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ACMA have extended DAB+ trial licences in Canberra and Darwin for a further 12 months. This will allow for more testing to occur so they can successfully introduce DAB+ to …

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Latest on DAB+

Reviewed: Digital radio DAB+

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Can’t get excited about Digital Radio……….. mind you can’t get excited about Radio

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Reviewed: Digital radio DAB+

The ACMA has extended the DAB+ digital radio trial licences in Canberra and Darwin for a further 12 months.

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Canberra and Darwin digital radio trials extended

Breakfast Shows from over 50 radio stations will broadcast live from the same location, simultaneously in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth on Friday 24 August. The broadcast is to …

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Radio Industry pumps up DAB’s tyres

Undermining Gillard continues

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The dab hand of the Rudd supporters evident again this morning with these two stories in the Sydney Sundays: The Sunday Telegraph resurrected the police investigation into who was the …

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Undermining Gillard continues

To mark the third anniversary of the launch of digital DAB+ radio, breakfast presenters from over 50 commercial and public radio stations will broadcast live from outdoor locations in Sydney, …

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Breakfast goes outside for digital anniversary

We already knew Google’s Image search feature was powerful (it can, for instance, find photographs based on a sketch ).

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Use Google To Identify Pixelated Pictures

We review the MagicBox Beam Extreme audio dock for iPod and iPhone, featuring internet radio and DAB reception.

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MagicBox Beam Extreme Audio Dock and Radio Review

Door Buster is back with another sweet tech deal. If you love saving money and need a new digital radio, this one’s for you.

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Lunchtime Deal: $99 DAB+ Radio With iDevice Dock