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ACMA have extended DAB+ trial licences in Canberra and Darwin for a further 12 months. This will allow for more testing to occur so they can successfully introduce DAB+ to …

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Latest on DAB+

We already knew Google’s Image search feature was powerful (it can, for instance, find photographs based on a sketch ).

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Use Google To Identify Pixelated Pictures

We review the MagicBox Beam Extreme audio dock for iPod and iPhone, featuring internet radio and DAB reception.

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MagicBox Beam Extreme Audio Dock and Radio Review

Door Buster is back with another sweet tech deal. If you love saving money and need a new digital radio, this one’s for you.

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Lunchtime Deal: $99 DAB+ Radio With iDevice Dock

Go to Hell, Australia

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Go to Hell, you preening dandies, congratulating yourself on your superior civilisation, your higher levels of enlightenment, your more advanced phase of humanity, constantly patting your own head with such …

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Go to Hell, Australia

RRP: $799 The Deal: The Bose Wave music system III digital features DAB+ digital radio, FM/AM tuner, CD player, AUX input and touch controls. The Verdict: While it has taken …

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REVIEW: Bose Wave music system III digital

Don’t You Worry About That

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I’ve come to love Brisbane, but how do you promote it to the world?

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Don’t You Worry About That

1 in 10 now listening to DAB+ in metro markets. In the first quarter of last year, 53,996 digital radios were sold. In Q1 this year, sales reached 88,004.

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Digital radio sales continue to rise amid retail slump

Were you clueless when you were young?

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… Because I was. I don’t mean clueless in the academic or ‘achievement’ sense

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Were you clueless when you were young?

Commercial Radio Australia CEO, Joan Warner has told radioinfo that while the commercial radio industry is still reviewing the Convergence Review Report, released yesterday, she has several concerns already.

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CRA’s first thoughts on the Convergence Review